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BOSIG Fasatan TFS Sealant

BOSIG Fasatan TFS Sealant

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Fasatan® TFS is a soft elasticity, single component adhesive and sealant.

Fasatan® TFS is suitable for internal and external bonding of our construction sealing membranes Fasatan® and Fasatyl® for the bonding of rebates, mitres and overlaps and for bonding of construction components made from plaster, natural stone, aluminium, steel, zinc, copper, glass, wood, MDF, tiles, ceramic among each other or on solid mineral surfaces Fasatan® TFS is a flexible, single-component adhesive. Fasatan® TFS is resistant to overnight condensation and cures with atmospheric moisture to a flexible, rubbery plastic. This has excellent weather and chemical resistance.


• very rapid and secure working.
• is free of solvent and neutral in odour.
• is resistant to overnight condensation.
• offers a wide spectrum of adhesion to concrete, aluminium blank and powder coated, unplasticised PVC, wood as well as many other normal building materials.
• single-sided adhesive application.
• no pre-treatment of the membrane.
• adjustment possibilities for laminate up to 30 minutes after adhesion.
• possesses excellent weather, UV and chemical resistance.
• harmonised to building conditions
• long-lasting adhesion and sealing.


Coverage 10 m per 600 ml foil, nozzle diameter 8mm. At 1 mm layer thickness of the adhesive the consumption is approx. 1 l / m2, i.e. a 600 ml tubular bag suffices for approx. 0.6 m2 adhesion surface.

The internal seal must be more vapour diffusion tight than the outer seal. Therefore Fasatan® must be used for the outer seal and Fasatyl® for the inner seal.

 This is a longer lead item - please allow 10 days for delivery.

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